Welcome to our FAQ section.  Hopefully, if you have a question, here you will find the answer.  If not, please contact us at we2sistas@gmail.com so that we can be of assistance!


1. When will my order ship?

    Most orders will ship within 3-5 business days. If you place your order on the weekend or holiday, we will begin to process it on that next working business day.  Remember, we make everything fresh to order.

2.  Which carrier will my order be shipped through?

    We use USPS as our standard method of shipping.

3.  My Body Butter melted, what do I do to get it solid again?

    Place the melted butter in a cool place or even a refrigerator to let it reform.  Do note that there may be texture differences once it hardens, however, it is still safe to use.

4. My lotion has separated, why?

    We strive to keep our products as chemical free as possible, and do not add the chemicals that would continue to bind the lotion together.  If this has happened, just give it a good shake to remix.  It is still safe to use.

5. My lotion has turned tan/light brown, why?

    We strive to keep our products as natural and chemical free as possible, so we don't use the many chemicals that commercial brands us to keep theirs white.  However, it is still safe to use.

6. My Body Butter has turned grainy, What happened?

    Body Butters are sensitive to temperature changes.  If it gets to hot or even to cold, the texture can change. However, it is still safe to use, and will still melt on your skin.

7. My Body Butter doesn't feel exactly like the one I sample, still smells the same, works the same, texture is slightly different, why?

    Since each small batch is handcrafted/handmade at times there can be variations.  We do our best to make sure that they all are the same, but one small variance in temperature can alter the product without our knowledge. 

8. Are your products Vegan friendly?


9. Are your products Natural?

    Are products are crafted with all natural oils and butters.

10. Are your products Organic?

    We use organic butters like our Shea and Cocoa, along with several of our oils.

11. I have dry skin, which one is best to use?

    All of our products are made with Shea and Cocoa butter, except for the body mist, so choosing any of them should moisturize your skin. Remember butters are the heaviest, but absorb quickly, creams are thick, but lighter then butters, and lotions are creamy, but lighter then both butters and creams.

12.  I have oily skin, can I use this product?

    Yes, you can use any of our products and facial cleansers. Natural oils absorb into the skin differently then synthetic oils,  making it still safe to use.

13. I have sensitive skin, can I use your products?

    Yes, you can use our products, trust we have something for everybody, and since we are a natural bath and body, just make sure to read the ingredients list to ensure there is nothing that might upset your senses.

14. Can I use this on my child?

    Yes, we make a couple of butters just for the kiddos as well as for those with extreme allergies.